6ix9ine Cuba Visit Forces Government To Shut Down Internet

By | 02/18/2023

6ix9ine recently visited Cuba, and the results proved so chaotic that the government of Cuba shut down the Internet. Moreover, reports indicate officials shut down services for hours to stop the spread of a video showing the rapper throwing money away. Also, the news comes right as the “FEFE” provocateur announced new shows in Israel and a new Instagram account. Ironically, however, his antics on social media caused an uproar, although accounts differ. Some say he threw dollar bills to crowds from his hotel window, while others claim he did so from his car. Either way, many expressed outrage at the rapper’s insensitive alleged display, including the Cuban government.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 17: Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine performs during the MiamiBash 2021 at FTX Arena on December 17, 2021 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images,)

Furthermore, they stated that the viral reported incident engaged in “humiliating” and “shameful” behavior. Not only that, but the clip amplified stories of poverty and struggle that many associate with the Caribbean country. Earlier this week, Tekashi posted some videos of his visit, but later deleted them. According to AllHipHop, his actions prompted to government to terminate Internet services temporarily to stop videos of it from spreading.

Translation: “Rapper 6ix9ine launches bills from his hotel room in Havana. Fidel, Raúl, PCC and @DiazCanelB you’ve led the Cuban people to lose even their dignity. Cuban, respect yourself and fight for your freedom, go to the streets but to fight, not to idolize an artist…

However, no one knows the reason behind his stay, or whether he’s still there as of writing this article. After all, tourism is a prohibited industry in the nation. Moreover, U.S. citizens only gain access through group travel as part of a “people-to-people” cultural and/or educational tour. However, the rapper issued a disclaimer regarding his cash in an Instagram Story post days prior. “I ain’t got no money,” the 26-year-old wrote on social media. “That money you be seeing me with on Instagrams that be fake money, props.”

Meanwhile, perhaps his exploits will see the light of day on his new Instagram account, “The Biggest Opp.” While the name is pretty on the nose, he said that he will post much more often on there. “I start today follow @thebigggestttoppp that’s my second page but ima post there more then here,” he wrote. “Im with my friend @madaboutleyh. We on a girls trip. So, like yeah please nobody get mad at me :/ or her please fr.” However you feel about his antics, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest on 6ix9ine.


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