Shaq Had This Epic Message For Mac McClung

By | 02/19/2023

Over the years, Shaq has been criticized for being too much of an old head as it pertains to the new players in the league. One can just look at the Rui Hachimura situation to see what we are talking about. Overall, Shaq can be a bit too critical of the guys that have come after him. Even if it comes from a place of love, most fans see it as him being way too dismissive of the new generation. However, sometimes, O’Neal has praise for the most random players. As it turns out, we got to see that praise over the weekend.

If you watched the All-Star festivities yesterday, you know that Mac McClung was the hero of the evening. McClung is a G-League star who made a name for himself with his dunk package in high school. Although he is not an NBA player, he was still able to compete in the dunk contest. In the end, he won the whole thing, and it was one of the most impressive things we have seen. McClung is now on everyone’s radar. However, it turns out that Shaq was already a big fan of his.

Shaq With The Support

In the video clip above, Shaq could be seen interacting with McClung prior to his showing at the contest. Diesel wanted to make sure McClung was aware of just how big this moment was for his career. As a result, he said “Nobody knows your name. Make ’em remember your name. And don’t miss a dunk.” Mac subsequently replied by saying “I got you” before going to warm up. In the end, McClung did not disappoint as he never missed a single dunk. He also got some perfect scores en route to a blowout in the dunk contest.

Throughout the clips down below, you can see just how deep McClung’s bag truly is. You cannot help but be impressed by this young man. Although he may not be a mainstay in the league, he certainly is fun to watch. Let us know which of his dunks were your favorite to watch, down in the comments below.

Mac McClung Shows Out


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