Trick Daddy Slams Uncle Murda For “Rap Up” Tracks

By | 02/18/2023

Trick Daddy isn’t a fan of Uncle Murda and his annual “Rap Up” tracks. Speaking on Thursday’s episode of his cooking show I Got My Pots, Trick Daddy explained that anyone who “tries to go viral” is a “joke,” a “fool,” a “gimmick,” and more. The criticism comes after Uncle Murda previously dissed Trick Daddy during his 2021 edition of the “Rap Up.” “Trick Daddy said Beyoncé can’t sing, that n***a bugged / He a coke head that’s why we tell kids say no to drugs,” Murda said in the song.

“And I’mma tell y’all somethin’ right now,” Trick Daddy began on this week’s show. “Viral is something that you do accidentally. Anybody that tries to go viral, you are considered, to me, as a clown. You’re a joke, you’re a fool, you’re a gimmick., you’re a fraud. You catfish. Viral is something that is supposed to happen accidentally unless you’re a content creator, unless you’re an actor, unless you a clown that do magic tricks.”

Trick Daddy’s Rant

“You mention the dead, you mention victims, you mention everybody, you mention people’s money, wives, children. You’re disrespectful and that’s clown sh*t,” Trick Daddy continued, while also calling Murda the “the #1 clown for the last five years.” He added: “You said my name and I didn’t say nothing about it because I didn’t want this to be about me. It’s not about me. This is about everybody that feel like they don’t have the voice to say something to you. I’m gon’ say something to you and I stand on what I said.”

He went on: “And I’m not worrying about nothing that you possibly-let me come from around here-I’m not worrying about no backlash off nothing I say to you, boy. […] You want to make some money? Find you something else to do. Don’t take people’s misfortunes, people’s downsides, the things that happen in people’s lives, and make a song off of it every year.”

Revisit Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2021” below. The series always sees Murda calling out numerous celebrities. In 2022, he referenced Ye, Yung Miami, Gunna, and more.

Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2021”


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